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Udēēsa Systemics & Technology



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Pricing Packages

  • XR Catalog (Free)

    Gain access to a selection of curated XR experiences and interactive content.
    Free Plan
    • Explore the world of XR learning with our no-cost entry.
    • Discover the power of XR technology
    • Engaging & Accessible!
  • Most Popular

    XR Catalog (Standard)

    Every month
    Gain access to a vast collection of curated XR (extended reality) tours and experiences.
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Full XR catalog: Engaging, educational XR experiences.
    • Interactive storytelling: Learn with captivating XR games
    • Regular updates: Stay engaged with fresh XR content.
    • Live Classrooms: Video calls as you explore XR content.
Udeesa Gold.jpg
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Contact us for CUSTOM XR CURATION or to find out how you can include Udeesa's metaverse ready solutions in your learning environment.

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