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Udeesa is a multifaceted technology company enhancing the ways we teach and learn about Heritage.

Our mission is to empower students to explore heritage and culture throughout the world by applying metaverse-ready technologies to storytelling, games & interdisciplinary learning tools.

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Our Team

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O U R   S T O R Y

Udeesa Systemics & Technology was founded in 2018 after experiencing the misrepresentation of African heritage in traditional schooling within the United States. To address stigmas, many of which stemmed from a lack of reference, our team has since utilized 360-degree photography & videography to preserve our travels throughout Africa and to create modern primary resources. In 2019 we began to demonstrate the application of immersive technologies in the classroom for students of all ages and shared our work at high schools, colleges, conferences and forums throughout the United States.


- The Harvard University’s African Business Conference 

- The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton African Business Forum  

- Lehigh University's Africana Studies; Immersive Technology Expo

- LIVP Africa Day Symposium 


Today, our growing collection of virtual tours & learning resources have been incorporated into our Dashboard & interactive African Folktale Series, featuring Anansi the Spider. Join us in building a collection of primary resources for teachers and students to use as they explore Africa's past, present and future. 

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Udeesa |You-Dee-Suh|


Translation "Take Pride."

To Take Pride in yourself is to take pride in your community and all you aspire to achieve.