We are a Ghana based Organization operating with our partners in the US to expose persons engaged in dialogue surrounding the African Diaspora to social and educational resources via systemics & technology.
Our mobile and Oculus applications are Udeesa products, designed to support interpersonal & academic communities by providing interactive experiences to students and educators who have begun to integrate immersive technologies into their teaching and learning practices. 

Udeesa |You-Dee-Suh|


Translation "Take Pride."

To Take Pride in yourself is to take pride in your community and all you aspire to achieve.

D E F I N I T I O N 
Today, the goals of Udeesa Systemics and Technology are to expand and connect the African diaspora starting with our work between Ghana and the United States.  This exchange of information with regard to shared cultures is fundamental in establishing this connection.
A Message from our Founder
"My name is Joyce Afua Asiedu, my family is from Obo Kwahu, a region of the Akan group of Ghana, West Africa. Beautifully structured along the Kwahu mountain sides, Obo is home to clean atmosphere and authentic Ghanaian culture. I am the first generation of my family living in the United States, and one of eight children. My mother was a seamstress, my father a bookkeeper who later became a self-made architect, a builder in his own right. I came to the United States after completing my high school education from the prestigious boarding school, Holy Child High School in Cape Coast, Ghana.
The Udeesa Storybooks are the first step towards uniting the rich history of our people with the bright futures of our youth and I hope that you will join me in welcoming the next chapter of the African continent to all who are willing and able to receive it."
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