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Our Series

Each volume of the Udeesa's XR Storybook series introduces readers to immersive technologies such as 360-degree photos, videos, virtual tours, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). Immerse yourself in the vivid landscapes, interact with characters, and embark on captivating adventures like never before.
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How you can follow Anansi the Spider on his XR adventures. ​

[XLTV1Use the camera on your tablet or mobile device to scan QR codes throughout VOLUME 1  


[XLTV2] Download Udeesa's mobile application Compass to navigate through AR with Anansi in VOLUME 2

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Introducing the Udeesa XR Storybook Series: Anansi's Adventures! Step into the extraordinary world of Anansi the Spider, the revered God of knowledge and stories in Ghanaian folklore. This captivating series brings to life the timeless tales and aphorisms that have shaped African and Caribbean communities throughout history.

Our series goes beyond traditional storytelling by integrating modern technologies to enhance the reader's experience.

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As the series progresses, we are excited to announce that future Anansi storybooks will begin to intersect with other cultural folktales as well. This expansion will weave together the rich tapestries of various cultural heritages, creating a truly diverse and interconnected storytelling experience.

By seamlessly blending technology, storytelling, and art, we offer a truly unique and unparalleled learning experience. Dive into the rich tapestry of African folklore and embark on a journey that transcends borders and cultures. The Udeesa XR Storybook Series invites you to explore the depths of cultural heritage and embrace the power of technology to reimagine and preserve these timeless tales for generations to come.

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