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Reduce misrepresentation in media.

via diverse learning resources for your students & children

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Udeesa's Virtual Tour Catalog is a collection of significant historical and cultural landmarks throughout Africa and the Diaspora. These Virtual Tours are the foundation of Udeesa's XR Resources and provide learners of all ages with the ability to experience Black cultures like never before.

There are several ways to interact with our catalog including:

- Subscriptions to the catalog and additional resources starting at $5/Month

- Virtual and In-person Showcases sharing virtual tours and traditional African games.

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Each Volume of our Anansi XR Storybook series provides an introduction to modern technologies.

- 360-degree photography/virtual tours

- AR (augmented reality)

- VR (virtual reality)

A truly one-of-a-kind learning experience with Technology, Storytelling, and Arts formally integrated into traditional African Folklore.

Our Resources Help Students...

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